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Edinburgh Guided Tour – Explore the Canongate!

I will take you on a fascinating journey through Canongate. The most fascinating part of the Old Town of Edinburgh. This was the home patch of the Scottish monarchy and their courtiers. The story begins in the 12th century and continues for many more. Let me show you buildings dating right from the beginning. What part did monks play in the beginning? I will make your imagination sparkle with tails of fascinating royal intrigue. Let me also show you a beautiful, secret garden!

Our walk through the Canongate will begin at the heart of power. Gathering outside the Scottish Parliament, I will tell you about Scotland’s new democratic seat of power, plus show you the front of the palace of Holyrood House and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.

I will then take you down an unsuspecting side street. This was where the stagecoach would leave for London.   I will also tell you tales of the horrible death of the wife of a Duke and an act of unimaginable barbarism from a future member of the same family.


You will see and hear tales of the former Tolbooth jail and court house. Some were tortured and sent to lands afar, never to return. Next we will enter one of Scotland’s most prominent and historic graveyards. Here you will meet one of the most prominent economists the world has ever known, Adam Smith. I will also show you the resting place of the lover of Mary Queen of Scots.

Down another side street we will visit one of the oldest masonic lodge buildings remaining in the world. This was where several great men all walks of life in the past times of Edinburgh attended.

We will complete the tour at what is famously known as World’s End. Why? Find out on a fascinating ninety minute tour with me, Fraser Paterson.

I have a large number of five star reviews on Tripadvisor in respect of freelance tours I have taken for other companies. Please enquire for further information. 

£15 per person. All enquiries welcome. Please call me on +44 7950 003 885 or e mail me; frasergolf93@gmail.com


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